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ATLANTA BELTLINE Special Service District Update + Action

February 15, 2021 10:49 AM | Anonymous

The PiHi Business Alliance supports all businesses within our boundaries.

More than half of our businesses are within the Atlanta BeltLine planning area and will be affected by the proposed Special Service District that will fund the completion of the loop. 

This SSD DIRECTLY AFFECTS PIEDMONT HEIGHTS!! Without this SSD being approved, our Northeast Trail section connecting to Lindbergh Station could be delayed even longer than estimated with the funds.

How can you help? 

The SSD legislation will come before Atlanta City Council for a final vote in mid-March. We need your assistance to encourage them to approve the SSD and tell them the reasons why you feel the passage of this legislation is important for our city.

Email your City Councilmember or call into the City Council Hotline

Here is a sample email for you to edit with your own words. Please CC all council members on your letter. The more SSD positive messages they see the better!

Council President and Councilmember emails:
arfarokhi@atlantaga.gov; adickens@atlantaga.gov; aboone@atlantaga.gov; 

antoniobrown@atlantaga.gov; NArchibong@AtlantaGa.Gov; mbond@AtlantaGa.Gov;

 csmith@atlantaga.gov; drhillis@atlantaga.gov; fmoore@atlantaga.gov; 

hshook@atlantaga.gov; jnide@AtlantaGa.Gov; jpmatzigkeit@atlantaga.gov; 

jmsheperd@atlantaga.gov; mcoverstreet@atlantaga.gov; 

mswestmoreland@atlantaga.gov; cwinslow@AtlantaGa.Gov

Make a Call Today: Monday February 15th!

Call in to the City Council hotline and voice their support at the next City Council work session. The next call-in period is next Monday the 15th before the full council session on Tuesday. The phone line will be open Monday the 15th between 4pm-7pm. The number is 404-330-6021. 

You will have three minutes to leave a recorded message about why you support the SSD. I recommend using the sample email to prepare what you'll say in your message.

Attend Study Group Meetings

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. will be hosting a series of SSD-focused virtual study group meetings during February and March. The meetings will focus on different geographic sections of the trail corridor to ensure all communities get their specific questions answered.

Click here and sign up for an SSD meeting!

The SSD proposal includes dedicating $7 million in additional support for small businesses BeltLine Planning Area-Wide.

Additional small business support could include:
  • Revolving loan fund dollars
  • Land acquisition dollars
  • Business incubation creation and technical assistance support
  • Subsidy dollars for commercial affordability
  • Atlanta BeltLine Business Façade pARTnership Grant Program continuation and expansion
  • Facilitation of technical assistance


What is the SSD?
A Special Service District (SSD) is a targeted tax district where property owners pay slightly more in property taxes to fund improvements from which they will benefit – in this case, commercial and multi-family property owners would be funding to complete the Atlanta BeltLine trail. This additional tax would not apply to single-family homeowners. That's the quick answer, but there is so much more!
Why is the SSD important?
Establishing the SSD will have a tremendous impact on our City. This new funding mechanism can provide the funds needed to complete the 22-mile trail corridor, secure additional affordable housing, and spur even more economic growth and investment in and around the BeltLine corridor. This would allow the project to deliver on the promise of better connectivity and stronger, healthier neighborhoods across the City. Without the SSD’s additional funding, the BeltLine trail corridor – and the jobs, housing, and economic growth it generates nearby – will not be completed before the expiration of the TAD in 2030.



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